Fishing trip in Kalymnos

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Kalymnos is a place where the element of the sea has defined its fate and its culture.

It was known all over the world for its legendary sponge balls, but for those who knew more about the island, its talented fishermen, were always been an important and stable power for the local economy. Fishing continues to develop until today and occupies a large number of island residents contributing significantly to the local economy.

Kalymnos today, has the largest fishing fleet in the Mediterranean and the is the bigger fishing force in Greece with 340 licensed professional vessels.

In any case, fishing with a Kalymnian fishermen, in a real fishing boat is a unique experience for both young and old.

Where you can’t go by yourself, is the fishermen “world”, their “secret points”, their own “paradise”. Wild nature, a complex of mountain & sea smell & sounds, divine peace, unspoiled places, anonymous beaches, crystal waters.  

Fishing types: The fishing methods which are currently possible to be offered to visitors are: Fishnet, Longline, Angling and Spark point, dependently from the vessel type, the fishing hours, the weather, and the season:

  • Fishing

  • Work shop for free on demand: For who likes to learn more about the fishing methods the vessel captain uses, is possible to ask from him and be “teached” during the fishing.

  • Traditional breakfast made from local products / Greek coffee / Kalymnian mountain tea.

  • Landing on a beach for swimming and relax

  • Traditional Lunch: fresh sea food cooked in the boat according the fishermen unique recipes, salad, fruit, water, fresh wine, beer or ouzo. 

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