Sailing & Climbing | Climbing North Dodecanese

8 Days Climbing and Sailing in the Northern Dodecanese, Greece

Travel to the historic Island of Kos and begin your climbing adventure by boat! Enjoy the picturesque partnership of the sea and the land as you sail through the world class rock climbing destination of Kalymnos and the secret crags of the surrounding Islands. Having your own yacht means access to isolated climbs that a few get to experience, a lot of playful Deep Water Solo and even climbs belayed from the deck of the yacht.

The Highlights

  • Kalymnos Island and it’s abundance of climbing culture, history, nightlife and civilization

  • Route takes any climber through the best collection of organized climbs that the Greek Islands have to offer

  • Belay Climbs straight off the deck and the best Deep Water Solo spots throughout the trip - with many alternates to cater to different levels and styles

The Details

Vessel Type_ Standard Sailing Monohull

Capacity_ up to 8 travellers

Services_ Skipper + Mountain Guide

Type_ Sport > Deep Water > Multipitch

This route was one of the first Waternative routes to be established. The purpose of it is to take the ambitious climber through some of the best organized and picturesque climbs and Deep Water Solo spots the Greek islands have to offer. The trip begins from Kos and ends in Kos and its approximate length is 140NM, meaning that the adventurer will sail roughly about 2 to 3hrs a day. Highlight of this route is Kalymnos recognized as the modern day Mecca of island sport climbing destinations of the world with its thousands of climbs. Designed to accommodate for all levels of difficulty in terms of the climbs and also provide guidance to beginners who want to enter the world of climbing. It is operated by a minimum crew of 2 including the Skipper and an experienced certified Mountain Guide to offer guidance and ensure security during their climbs.

Day by Day

Day 1 > Kos to Pserimos

Meet the crew at Kos port around 05.00pm. They will brief you all about safety aspects and show you around the yacht. When everything's ready, off you go.. First stop Pserimos, a little island just adjacent to Kos. Enjoy a swim and your first dinner under the stars.

Sail for approximately 9NM

Night Anchorage: Pserimos bay

Day 2 > Kalymnos

Today you set sail to one of the most special bays of Kalymnos. The bay of Vathy. Vathy offers a very interesting cave for perfect DWS. Later in the afternoon gather back to the boat and go for a “private” climb off the deck of the yacht. Experience a multi-pitch climb by starting your way up by relying from the deck. For the night, you will anchor on a spectacular little bay.

Style: DWS, Sport & Multipitch

Optional: Scuba-diving, Cycling & Horse-riding

Sail for approximately 9NM

Night Anchorage: secrete secluded bay

Day 3 > Kalymnos to Leros

Wake up to discover the area of Palionisos, a bay of multiple spots and various sectors for morning climbing. After lunch, the boat will move nearby to a beautiful bay on the east side of the island for some rest and afternoon climbing at different spots. Just before sunset sail to Panteli, a picturesque little port in Leros Isl where you can enjoy your evening with the amphitheatric view below the old castle and choose one of its traditional taverns to taste a delicious fisherman's catch dish.

Style: Sport

Optional: Scuba-diving, Cycling & Horse-riding

Sail for approximately 20NM

Night Anchorage: secluded bay

Day 4 > Lipsi

Just as you're getting sore from a couple of days of climbing, a day that starts with DWS is everything you could ask for. Across from Lipsi is an islet that offers great protection from the seas, serves as a great anchorage and as one of the nicest DWS spots in the area. After lunch, sail to Lipsi where you can visit the port and beautiful village and relax in its spectacular beaches. For the night we highly commend the bay of Katsadia for a night out.

Style: Sport & DWS

Optional: Yoga

Sail for approximately 12NM

Night Anchorage: Katsadia bay

Day 5 > Leros

This morning starts with a swim in Katsadia bay and coffee for recovery. Sail downwind to another Islet to a unique spot with exotic turquoise waters ideal to swim and enjoy the sun. Just after lunch you can enjoy a great climbing sector on the south of Leros. Until late afternoon you will reach Emporios beautiful bay in Kalymnos to anchor for the night and get ready for a great day of climbing in Kalymnos.

Style: Sport

Optional: Cycling, Cultural Tour

Sail for approximately 20NM

Night Anchorage: Emporios bay

Day 6 > Kalymnos

Kalymnos offers a multitude of routes. Sports climbing, multi-pitch, traditional. Most of them are easily accessible. Visit the iconic Grande Grotta and more. Ask your guide to help you organize your adventure for the day. After an exhausting day in Kalymnos, stay on anchor and enjoy your afternoon in a small cosmopolitan village - the climber's favorite spot to enjoy the colors of Telendos as the sun sets on it.

Style: Sport, Multipitch & Trad

Optional: Scuba-diving, Cycling, Horse riding, Hiking

Sail for approximately 15NM

Night Anchorage: cosmopolitan village

Day 7 > Telendos

As this will be your final day, this is your chance to visit Telendos, an Island across Kalymnos. Telendos offers also a lot of climbing sectors of all styles of climbing and Kalymnos is still within reach. For the night visit the Port of Pserimos, a tiny village built on the islands main beach. Enjoy a dinner with your feet on the sand, as Greek as it goes.

Style: Sport, Multipitch & Trad

Optional: Yoga

Sail for approximately 14NM

Night Anchorage: cosmopolitan village

Day 8 > Kos

Enjoy your breakfast and set sail to Kos port, the disembarkation point of this trip.

Sail for approximately 12NM